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We believe in new technologies, in innovation. They are used by a large number of companies. Our goal is to protect populations. The network speed of the 5G allows us today to go even further and be even more responsive. We are in collaboration with various companies at the forefront of these new technologies. The first is based in Turkey, the second in Kuwait, the third in Dubai. All of these companies work efficiently to secure different places such as malls, government buildings and religious places.

Arabian.Finance are optimistic about the future of technology and innovation in the Middle East

and believe our venture-building expertise is a great complement to this burgeoning ecosystem.

By working with corporate partners, we are able to maximize local knowledge and resources and combine them with our experience building market-shifting ventures in areas as diverse as mobility, industrial goods, consumer, insurance, and energy.

Leveraging our experience with technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality, and more, we’re perfectly positioned to help our corporate partners innovate to solve problems and build ventures that create sustainable value.

We have already worked with various entities across sectors in the Middle East, and we are looking forward to engaging more still, with an approach that plays to our strengths while also proving compatible with priorities in the region.

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